About Us
As a private manufacturing and trading company with the aim of supporting domestic production and completing the chain of production to consumption, we, Soda-ye Shirin Rayan Co., were able to put all the experience and leadership approach of senior managers accompanied by motivated and experts into practice so that the requirements of domestic manufacturing on the subject of providing proper infrastructure like supplying raw materials, investment needs, establishing communication and business relationships, and selling products to be carefully addressed.
In view of that and since the establishment of the company in 2017, we have done our best and have succeeded to take a step in the field of noteworthy activities in the production of various products in several industries such as food industries; livestock and poultry; water treatment and etc.
Our Mission and Visions:
-Providing raw materials for domestic manufacturers and selling the contract manufacturing products by trademark of “Soda-ye Shirin”, avoiding the involvement of manufacturers’ investment in supplying the raw materials
-Ordering different products to domestic producing factories to support the production and to remove production concerns for sale of product.
-Business development of manufacturers and Helping sustainable development with entrepreneurship and employment of young and expert employees
-Helping manufacturers to enter the new domestic and foreign markets and supporting the export of the products
-Participation and investment in the production of new and high value added products based on modern technologies
-Production of new technical knowledge through the formulation of new products and the production of knowledge based products